About Us

BN Mechanical was formed to serve the Sacrmaneto area home builders with high-quality HVAC solutions for rain gutters, downspouts and ventilation ductwork on new home construction. Through years of experience, BN Mechanical evolved into a specialist in heating and air conditioning systems and began serving residential customers who were searching for our expertise in the industry.

Still family-owned and operated, BN Mechanical has grown in to one of the most trusted local businesses in the Sacramento area. As a division of BN Mechanical, we strive to meet the same governing principals the company was founded on years ago: Offer the highest-quality products and service, all at an affordable price.

Today, our skilled technicians are trained in the latest HVAC technology, but we haven’t forgotten our roots. Proper knowledge of the industry is still an important part of the design and proper functionality of heating and air systems and we employ many experienced craftsmen who are highly skilled in the art of both—some of which have been with us since the beginning!

Whether you’re looking for maintenance on your existing system, a complete system replacement, or an energy-efficient upgrade, BN Mechanical is the right choice for the job—guaranteed.

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